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Strategic Planning

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"In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield."
Warren Buffett

There is no shortage of adages about the need for businesses to plan.  There’s a reason for that . . . IT’S CRUCIAL!  You have a small business where time and resources are limited, the environment is rapidly changing and competition is coming from all directions.  Sometimes, what was a good idea yesterday is not a good idea today. Temptation to stray is high and discipline to stay focused is difficult. You don’t have margin for error.

We understand and can help at a reasonable cost.  Whether it's a short-term plan or long-view strategy, we can assist with your strategic thinking.  It's an inclusive process that starts with what you and your staff know, sense or have experienced.  Then add market intelligence and meaningful discussion.  Pros and cons, risks and rewards.  The result is a focused plan with goals and benchmarks to guide your path and measure your achievement.  It's your plan made by you and your staff.

Services Offered

We provide the following services to small businesses:


Business Plans

What should your focus be in the upcoming year?  Market share?  Profitability?  Brand recognition? We will help you assess the opportunities and focus on what’s important.  The result is goals and tactics to get the entire organization marching in the same direction. Knowing what to do is important.  Knowing what not to do is even more so.

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Strategic Plans

Your small business may be doing well now, but what about three years from now? The market changes quickly.  Will you be relevant in the future? We help you determine where you want to be and what will it take to get there.  Is it challenging, reasonable and achievable? The resulting plan is a clear path for your organization to follow.

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Meeting Facilitation

Perhaps you aren’t looking for someone to create a plan for you, but can use guidance in the process.  Sometimes it’s the ideas that either get quickly discounted or don’t get said at all that could make a significant  difference. We can provide meeting facilitation to help your strategic discussions be organized, open and objective.

Strategic Planning For Small Business

1. What is strategic planning?  Joe Fahey defines the concept and gives an "interstellar" example.

2. Why do strategic planning?  Joe discusses why small companies should take the time to evaluate the environment and create a strategic plan.

3. Strategic planning case studies.  Joe discusses how three companies successfully modified their business models through careful strategic planning.

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